In this raw and candid interview, iconic drum & bass DJ and producer DJ Rap shares her journey through her early years into discovering the rave scene, and how it helped her to move past some early traumas, both providing her solace, and simultaneously planting the seeds for her pioneering career. She discusses becoming one of the biggest female DJs in the male-dominated jungle and drum & bass scene and smashing boundaries, as well as the non-stop hustle required to balance music production, DJ gigs, running a record label and community, and constantly learning new skills. DJ Rap also reflects with honesty on the personal sacrifices she's made over her decades-long career, including forgoing marriage and children. An intimate look into the life of this legendary artist.

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0:00 - DJing and drum and bass with a legendary DJ and producer.

1:48 - Nomadic upbringing and cultural exposure in boarding schools.

4:51 - Childhood experiences, bullying, and family dynamics.

8:22 - Family struggles and personal growth.

11:49 - Parental neglect and trauma in childhood.

14:42 - Overcoming childhood trauma and healing.

19:04 - Music, piano training, and career in dance music.

23:28 - Trauma, abuse, and self-discovery in the rave scene.

27:16 - Raves, drug use, and DJing in the 1990s.

32:01 - Early days of female DJing and production.

35:36 - Sexism in the electronic music scene.

39:17 - Experiences in the early days of electronic music.

43:42 - Early days in drum and bass music and creative process.

47:52 - Music production philosophy and industry experiences.

51:57 - Reflecting on the evolution of drum and bass music.

56:23 - DJing, technology, and personal preferences.

1:00:32 - Stage presence and performance.

1:04:13 - DJing, music, and intimacy with the crowd.

1:08:28 - Artist struggles with streaming platforms.

1:13:05 - Learning from mistakes in the music industry.

1:16:04 - Music career, retirement, and return to drum and bass.

1:20:45 - Career resurgence after 22 years in music.

1:25:19 - Managing workload and building community.

1:29:24 - Work-life balance as a musician.