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Nick Eziefula aka Essa - Entertainment Laywer at Simkins LLC (professional instagram) and Rapper (artist instagram) (bandcamp)

Si Gilbert aka Si Spex - Head of Content and Quality Control at Routenote Create and Producer/digger, one half of The Creators (YouTube )(instagram)(bandcamp)

Rich Firth aka DJ Superix - Freelance Creative Director, AI enthusiast and DJ (instagram)(mixcloud)

AI tools mentioned: - AI music generation tool AI music generation tool - upload extend existing audio files - Compose songs, change voices, and create covers with cutting-edge AI

DAW AI software:

Synplant 2 - replicate synth sounds

Smart limit senile - ai mastering limiter

Captain melody - ai melody creation


This round table discussion explores the impact of AI on hip hop, with a focus on technology, creation, IP, and the ethical implications. The panel includes DJ Superix, an AI consultant, Nick Eziefula, an entertainment lawyer and UK Hip Hop MC, and Si Spex, a UK Hip Hop producer and head of content at Rootnote Create. The conversation covers various applications of AI in music, such as AI-generated lyrics, melodies, vocals, and mastering. The legal and moral issues surrounding AI in music creation are also discussed, including copyright infringement and false endorsement. The conversation explores the ownership and legal implications of AI-generated music. It discusses the ownership of outputs generated by AI platforms and the complex legal questions surrounding it. The conversation also touches on the use of replays and sampling in music production and the legal issues associated with them. The potential of AI in music creation and the challenges it faces in accurately analyzing and separating stems are also discussed. In this final part of the conversation, the speakers discuss the challenges and complexities of clearing samples in traditional sampling and AI sampling. They touch on the Trouble Funk case and the difficulties of clearing samples when there are multiple owners involved. They also explore the issue of transparency and remuneration in the AI sampling world, as well as the potential for AI tools to innovate and create new genres and sounds. The speakers emphasize the importance of properly remunerating human creators for their talent and creative work.


00:00 Introduction and Backgrounds of Panelists

10:03 Demo of AI Music Creation

29:11 Ownership and Output in AI Music Creation

30:31 Exciting Potential of AI in the Music Industry

31:17 Ownership of AI-Generated Music

32:37 Replays and Sampling in Music Production

36:22 The Potential of AI in Music Creation

39:30 Challenges in Stem Separation and Analysis

52:21 The Legal Implications of AI in Music

53:22 Clearing Samples in Traditional Sampling

55:22 Transparency and Remuneration in the AI Sampling World

59:04 The Potential for AI Tools to Innovate and Create

01:15:38 The Importance of Properly Remunerating Human Creators