Join us in this exciting episode where we host James Hamlin, also known as J Squared, a revered figure in the hip hop scene. We delve into the world of hip hop, tracing its roots and its cultural impact on the UK. James shares his journey of musical discovery as a kid, his early interest in different genres and his transition from indie music to the vibrant hip-hop culture and Americana of the 90s.

J Squared speaks on his experiences with DJing, starting from University and how his first mixtape set the stage for a career journey through the music industry. As he travels around America buying records, working for an internet start-up, and orchestrating club nights, we get an inside look at his dedication to the craft.

This journey isn't just about music, it's about hustle - from selling promo records on eBay to promoting gigs, and from embracing digital DJing to navigating the advent of social media. Listen in to get key advice for budding DJs, lessons learned and the importance of connecting the right people.