This week we get into it with Si Spex of UKHH pioneers The Creators, about growing up in Cornwall and getting into hip hop, early DJing experiences, college and university, meeting Julian and Johnny F, and exposure to library music. Si Spex discusses his journey in music production and DJing, including his time with High Wicking, equipment acquisition, DJing in High Wycombe and London, working with MCM and The Rats, signing with Blindside Records and releasing the Master Plan EP, signing with Wall of Sound and collaborating with American artists, and the mix with Plus One and DJing. In this conversation, Si Spex discusses his transition to the internet age, selling records in America, his day job and DJing, adapting to commercial DJing, enjoyment and feedback in DJing, balancing DJing and a day job, working at a music distribution company, recreating the sound of old records, motivation and belief in his musical potential, advancements in music technology, and investing time and efficiency.


Growing up in Cornwall presented challenges in getting into hip hop, but the passion remained strong.

Early DJing experiences helped shape the DJ's skills and confidence.

College and university provided opportunities to study graphic design and illustration.

Meeting Julian and Johnny F led to a deep friendship and shared love for music.

Exposure to library music opened up new possibilities for sampling and production. Si Spex started his music production journey with High Wicking and acquired equipment such as samplers and sequencers.

He DJed in High Wycombe and London, including at The Attic, and formed connections with local music people.

Si Spex and Julian formed The Rats and released a few 12-inch records.

They signed with Blindside Records and released the Master Plan EP, which received positive reception.

Si Spex and Julian signed with Wall of Sound and collaborated with American artists, expanding their reach.

Si Spex continued DJing during this time, playing at various venues and events. The internet revolutionized the music industry, making it easier to communicate and sell records.

Si Spex transitioned from selling records in America to working a day job and DJing.

He adapted to commercial DJing and focused on playing music that pleased the crowd.

Si Spex enjoys DJing and values feedback from the audience.

He balances his DJing career with his day job at a music distribution company.

Si Spex is passionate about recreating the sound of old records and using advancements in music technology.

He stays motivated by believing in his musical potential and investing his time efficiently.



Growing Up in Cornwall and Getting into Hip Hop


Early DJing Experiences


College and University


Meeting Julian and Johnny F


Exposure to Library Music


Formation of High Wicking and Equipment Acquisition


DJing in High Wycombe and London


Working with MCM and The Rats


Signing with Blindside Records and Releasing the Master Plan EP


Signing with Wall of Sound and Collaborating with American Artists


The Mix with Plus One and DJing


Transition to the Internet Age


Selling Records in America


Transition to Day Job and DJing


Adapting to Commercial DJing


Enjoyment and Feedback in DJing


Balancing DJing and Day Job


Working at a Music Distribution Company


Recreating the Sound of Old Records


Motivation and Belief in Musical Potential


Advancements in Music Technology


Investing Time and Efficiency